The Hero, A Hag, And Foggle-Nogger: The Race for Croggerpooey *Author signed copy

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Sometimes a kid just knows when to run. Call it instinct. But when Dennis stops running, his world changes.
The Hero, a Hag, and Foggle-Nogger is a humorous adventure about confronting problems, making friends, and keeping promises. 

After the non-athletic Dennis discovers his knightly ancestry, he enrolls at the Knight Academy where he embarrasses himself throughout training. He soon finds himself dropped naked into a swamp in Croggerpooey, a magical kingdom in a perpendicular universe. Dennis must somehow find and retrieve the King's stolen Book of Coded Spells before Horrible Rick deciphers its magic. If Dennis fails, the kingdom will be doomed and he will never be able to return home.
In this adventurous Journey, Dennis befriends the jovial Foggle-Nogger, teams with the valiant knight Sir Ambrose, and bargains with the Wiley Old Hag. Cheer for Dennis as he struggles against malodorous land pirates, ghosts, beasts, and bullies. After all, he just wants to go home.

This is the debut novel of *local* author J. Furey Hopkins.  Hopkins teaches English to high school students in California. He has a lovely wife and two marvelous children. When he is not writing or teaching, J. Furey Hopkins enjoys making his family laugh, wrestling with his dog, and listening to music. He often watches the goldfish and turtles play in his tiny backyard pond.


350 pages.