Make Your Own Fleece Flower Pillow

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Make a luxuriously soft, 14”x14” fleece pillow covered in pretty petals—with no tools, no sewing and no tying! A revolutionary tab-and-slot design makes it simple to secure the velvety-thick, pre-cut, double-faced fleece pieces together. Just follow the pattern and pile your pillow high with the polyester batting. It’s one of the most surprisingly easy crafts for kids who enjoy projects like making fleece blankets. But this snuggly pillow is much more simple and delivers truly stunning results!

• Craft your own 14”x14” plush, floral pillow made of thick fleece!
• Develops creativity, self-expression, self-confidence and fine motor skills.
• Includes 14 round patches, 14 flower patches, 6 side patches, polyester batting and an illustrated instruction guide.

Age Recommendation: Ages 8 and up