Call Us What We Carry - Poems by Amanda Gorman - Hardback

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Gorman says, "I wrote Call Us What We Carry as a lyric of hope and healing. I wanted to pen a reckoning with the communal grief wrought by the pandemic. It's been the hardest thing I've ever written, but I knew it had to be. For me, this book is a receptacle, a time capsule both made by and for its era. What is poetry if not a mirror for our present and a message for our future?"

Who is Amanda Gorman, and how long has she been a poet?

Gorman is a 22-year-old poet and activist who has been campaigning for the importance of youth writing since her teens. Born in Los Angeles, and raised by her English teacher mother, Gorman grew up with a speech impediment, she has only recently overcome – with the help of repeatedly rapping 'Aaron Burr, Sir', from the musical Hamilton. When she was 16, Gorman was chosen as the youth poet laureate of Los Angeles.

Since then, Gorman has read her poetry on MTV, written tributes for Black athletes and landed a deal to write two children’s books. Last year, Gorman graduated from Harvard with a degree in sociology.